Monday, August 24, 2009

Prominent Doctor Speaks on the Michael Jackson Case

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Prominent Black Physician Says Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Actions were Inexcusable

Dr. Elaina George, an Otolaryngologist out of Atlanta, says that the doctor alleged to have killed Michael Jackson was not only unethical, but incredibly irresponsible in his choice of medications. Dr. Conrad Murray is subject to investigation after Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide in initial autopsy reports. But while many believe that Jackson’s death was an accidental occurrence, Dr. George states that the combination of drugs given to Jackson was almost likely to kill him.

“There was no way that harm would not have come to Mr. Jackson,” says Dr. George, who advocates for doctors on a regular basis. “It was beyond negligent to give him a mixture of three different kinds of sedatives, a muscle relaxant, an antidepressant in addition to Propofol, a general anesthetic that is only used in an operating room setting (because it can stop someone’s breathing). Each of these drugs by themselves can be lethal, but together it is a recipe that will almost definitely kill someone.”

Dr. George goes on to say that there is almost no medical scenario in which the drug combination found in Jackson’s body would have been appropriate. She argues that beyond being unethical, Dr. Murray was in direct violation of the Hippocratic Oath, one of the most fundamental rules of practicing medicine.

“Hopefully, Mr. Jackson’s death will teach us that prescription drugs, though helpful are no substitute for doctors doing everything in their power to protect the health of their patients, including just saying no when it is appropriate.”

Dr Elaina George is a prominent Board certified Otolaryngologist who practices in Atlanta. She has published in several scientific journals and presented her research at national meetings. You can listen to her radio show Medicine on Call, and read her blogs as a medical correspondent for Your Black World .

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  1. Dr. George, thanks a lot for your article and analysis on this.
    I was a fan and a friend of Michael, and I really can't accept how a doctor who was rejected from Board certified cardioligist list in Texas, could be able to make other damage in other US States. Is that a criminal can't kill in one State and he's free of doing it elsewhere? If this absurd and unprofessional so-called doctor (I cannot name it doctor not to offend yours and other colleagues' work and seriousness) hadn't been prevented from being a doctor all over the States, Michael Jackson would be still alive at 100%
    It's not the only one unfortunately who acted as a enabler and gave him powerful and illegal drugs along these years and it's known, among our circle, 2 other German doctors injected him Propofol already in 1997, during the History Tour, because he had the same insomnia problems.
    But is that normal that a person, no matter if Michael Jackson or Mr. Brown, goes to a doctor, to ask for help and solve his health troubles, and put his life on this doctor's hands, finds himself in the conditions of irreversible damage that can lead to his death?
    Michae Jackson just trusted these criminals and they told him, Propofol (Diprivan) was a good care for insomnia, when you and me are very well it's total bs! You cannot use something used in hospitals or clinics before a surgical interventions, to care insomnia, that can be solved in other hundreds ways, even psychologically, thru a deep psychogical help to wonder what's the main problem that leads you not to sleep at night and intervene with a specific care, not with an anesthesia given at home, without the right experienced personnel.
    I'm in Italy right now, but my mind is going to Michael Jackson and all of those who die and still will because of these criminals, while nobody does anything to stop all of this.

    Please, raise your voice as much as you can, go to Congress Men and Women to put this huge problem in their agenda and make something very strong and right in order to prevent other doctors like this from killing other people, only for greed, money and ignorance.

    I'm with you and if you need my support and that of hundreds of Michael Jackson fans and friends, just ask and we will raice our voices too.
    This must not happen anymore, because millions and millions of people are suffering and many friends like me, don't eat well nor live a normal life since that horrible day, because we know he could be saved but because of too many ignorant and blind people,he died.

    Kind regards

    Laura Panunzio

  2. Thanks for what you're doing. We want the truth to be unfurled. Unfortunately we cannot bring Michael to life.. but we can't let this crime unsolved. Please, keep on. We support you!